Alanood Philosophy of Training

Princess Anoud Foundation experienced several transformations since its inception. It had moved from Investment trust into pastoral care, then quality of pastoral care through the development of administrative and technical systems, down to the most prominent orientation in the history of the foundation which was from quality of pastoral care into empowerment, that was imposed by reality and necessitated by the stage. And we will contribute to spread awareness of this new concept. Since the training has always been the effective gate of the change, we have identified the areas of empowerment, and the training center will contribute to train the community the programs of the foundation, in addition to seminars, workshops and programs that talk about empowerment and why is it important to the individual and society

Our mission

We are a charitable certified training center, in Princess Alanood Foundation, which responsible for training and self and community development. We provide professional and empowerment programs, in cooperation with global and national experiences, according to the strategic objectives of the parent foundation

Our principles

  • Instilling the concepts of empowerment and sustainability to our partners
  • We attach great importance to the social network and partnership with the third sector, locally and abroad to achieve the best results
  • We believe that quality of the organization and implementation of training programs are what characterized us
  • We always try to keep up with the latest methods and techniques of training

Why do we train?

  • Volunteering
  • Empowement
  • Development

Our allies..

  • Technical & Vocational Training Corp
  • Arab European Foundation
  • Aims Training Center

Our partners inside the foundation:

  • Alanood investment
  • Alanood Center for Social Protection
  • Alanood Center for Youth Development (Warif)
  • Alanood Center for Civilization
  • Alanood Center for Child Development (Shadan)
  • Alanood Center for Disable Development(Gader)

Our partners outside the foundation

  • Saud bin Fahad Charitable Foundation
  • Princess Madawi bint Musaad Fund for Women's Development
  • Hessa bint Ahmad Alsudairi Charitable Foundation
  • Mawaddah Association to Reduce The Divorce

Our services..

  • Identifying the training needs
  • Designing the training programs
  • Organizing the training programs
  • Implementing the training programs
  • Evaluating the training programs
  • Developing the training programs

How our Programs are done?

We organize our programs in accordance with the training requirements for the benefit of the community, non-profit organizations and members of the foundation, with the help of experts (consultant, trainers and houses of expertise), and that is by forging alliances with local and international training bodies, as well as establishing partnerships with other charities.

What do we offer?

Youth: In cooperation with Warif center, we provide for youth programs that specialize in the development of volunteer skills and life skills development

Family: Protection and Training centers provide for family specialized programs in education, family development and prevention of addiction and dangerous behaviors

Child: In cooperation with Shadan center, we offer for child education and training programs, as well as training the ones who are involved in raising children on their development methods in all aspects

Employees of the foundation and partners: The "training center" holds programs to raise the level of performance of the employees, and to raise the efficiency of partners of the grantees in order to achieve empowerment and sustainability of their projects

Our programs:

 Alanood International Center Programs

  •  Staff development programs:


Administrative development

Development of technical skills

  •  Developing charitable work programs:

The development of leaders and cadres of the charitable work of the partners

  • Hosted programs:

Hosting programs to charity

Alanood Center for Social Protection Programs

  •  Family development programs:

 Ten steps for (earning neighbors and friends - a successful marital relationship - home economics - housekeeping - teen safety - child care)

  •  Effective education
  •  Marriage qualifying
  • Qualifying program for protection specialists
  • Life skills for recoverd

 Alanood Center for Youth Development (Warif) Programs:

  • Volunteer Programs:

The power of volunteering 101

Volunteer leadership 102

  •  Life skills program for youth:


Self Management

My Decisions of My Life

Youth Leadership

Social Entrepreneurship

Job Search Skills

Effective Employee Skills

Alanood Center for Disable Development (Gader) Programs:

-Sign language for deaf families

- Sign language for medical authorities

Alanood Center for Child Development(Shadan) Programs

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